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Completed Multi District Schemes

The completed schemes have been archived for public interest and review.

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Road resurfacing on 16 different sites along the A127 completed in 2015/16 as a key part of Essex road improvement programme.
A series of improvements were undertaken on the A127 / A132 Nevendon Interchange during 2016/2017, financed by Government’s Local Growth Fund via South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) 
The A13 / A130 Sadlers Farm junction forms part of the strategic highway network serving Thames Gateway South Essex. The previous junction comprised of a series of five small roundabouts within a gyratory system and was historically subject to severe congestion and delays.
Essex County Council submitted two bids in March 2014 to the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF). These bids were for schemes that would improve the sustainable transport network to support the future employment and housing requirements of those areas for the future.
Essex County Council submitted a number of bids in February 2013 to the government’s Local Pinch Point Fund. These bids were for schemes that would address local pinch points and assist in the release of economic and housing growth.