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A127 Economic Growth Corridor

Why is the A127 economic growth corridor so important?

The A127 economic growth corridor is a vital artery linking an international airport and a number of major businesses into the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

The A127 itself is used by more than 78,000 drivers daily but suffers from delays costing a combined £35 million every year.

Improvements to transport links along this corridor are vital to fuel continued growth across the region from Southend-on-Sea to the London Borough of Havering.

On Friday, 30 November 2018, council leaders and MPs met for the inaugural meeting of the A127 Economic Growth Corridor Task Force.

At this meeting they agreed to collaborate and contribute towards a long-term vision for the A127 economic growth corridor. This work will be carried out through proactive engagement with local residents, businesses and transport users to develop a solution which works for everyone.

Quote from 1926….

Former Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, stated in 1926: “The section of the Southend arterial road from Woodford to Ilford is now one of the worst pieces of main road in West Essex; and why this road, so recently constructed, has so rapidly deteriorated?”

He went onto ask the Minister of Transport: “When are we likely to have a proper road there?

The MoT Lieutenant-Colonel Moore-Brabazon responded: “In about a year”

In 1940 the road was upgraded to a dual carriageway.

Nearly 80 years on, it is time for Essex residents, businesses and politicians to work collaboratively towards creating a modern vision for the future of transport in South Essex.

A127 Fairglen Interchange  
A127 Fairglen Interchange
A127 Rayleigh Weir

The issues now and in the future

The A127 Economic Corridor Today
A Growing Corridor

Case Studies

London Southend Airport, Southend-on-Sea

“High quality infrastructure such as airports and roads have a direct impact on economic growth. If the South East is to continue to be a vibrant destination for business, then it needs to invest in its infrastructure. Business is more likely to base itself in the region if it’s easy for people to get to and from work, and will more likely grow if it has ready access via airports to international business destinations. Roads, trains and airports are all part of the same framework for ensuring the South East is open for business in the UK and throughout the wider world.”

London Southend Airport, Southend-on-Sea

CNH Industrial NV, Basildon

“CNH Industrial NV designs, produces, and sells agricultural equipment and construction equipment worldwide.

“Here at Basildon we manufacture tractors for New Holland and CaseIH brands. The A127 Corridor is a key supply route for the parts we use to build the tractors, due to the connection with the M25 and other routes which interlink our supply from the various Ports and Tunnels connecting us to the rest of Europe.

“There are other routes around Basildon, however, these will also be severely impacted if there are any current issues on the A127, with pure volume of traffic and unavoidable delays being the real issue" 

What is happening now?


  • A Task Force of local MPs and council leaders has been set up to work together and contribute towards a long-term vision for the A127 economic growth corridor
  • The aim of this Task Force is to uncover solutions to the problems the A127 transport corridor is currently facing
  • In 2019 we will be engaging with businesses and other key stakeholders to ensure local knowledge is at the heart of any solution
  • More information will be available on this page, www.a127.co.uk, as the project progresses