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Church Farm Culvert, High Street, Stebbing

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About the scheme

Church Farm Culvert is a brick arch structure located under the High Street in Stebbing, Uttlesford.  It consists of two structures, made from two separate construction methods which carries the road over an unnamed stream.

The culvert is in an unstable and deteriorating condition that requires replacing. The east bridge headwall is leaning away from the carriageway which has resulted in brick loss to the headwall’s face.  A ‘Give and Take’ priority arrangement remains in place as temporary measure.

Planning permission (planning application PP-07684645) is now granted.

We are now in a position to begin works on 6th January 2020, and are making preparations on this basis. 

Advance works - complete

UKPN carried out diversions to electrical supplies during December 2019 allowing main works to begin in January 2020. 

Proposed culvert works from 6 January 2020

We will remove both arches and headwalls of Church Farm Culvert, and replace the culvert with a new precast reinforced concrete box unit. This work is regarded as an efficient and cost effective option to bring the structure up to current standards, protecting its future use. We currently estimate these works will take approximately five months to complete, subject to the works not been impacted by poor weather or unexpected issues arising.

Site mobilisation is due to start from Monday 6 January 2020 which is likely to require some carriageway restrictions. Once the site is established, main works will begin and require a full road closure (currently anticipated week commencing 20 January 2020).  Dates may be subject to change at short notice so please check this webpage and signage on site for the latest information.

A full closure of the High Street at the structure will be required for the main works, 24 hours a day until the works are complete from Watch House Road for approximately 180 metres.

Advanced warning notices are in place and appropriate diversions will be in place during any planned road closures.

Some Clearway/No Parking areas have been identified to support traffic flows in the area to ensure safe manoeuvres can be carried out by large vehicles such as buses and emergency services.

Access to properties and businesses will be available from either side of the closure point, either via a formal diversion or local alternative routes. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

Further updates will be made to the website and information becomes available and the scheme progresses.

Passenger Transport 

From Monday 6 January 2020 a shuttle bus service will be in place for approximately six months while works take place to replace Church Farm Culvert. The number 16 service run by Stephensons bus service will travel directly between Great Bardfield and Blake End omitting Bran End and Stebbing, however, shuttle buses will be provided by Arrow Taxis with timed departures to transfer passengers to and from the main bus.

Bus notices will be on the 16 service and the driver will have a hand out of the shuttle service with all times to give to passengers. Signs will be on all bus stops with details of the shuttle service.

Arrows Taxis will be running the shuttle service and if there are any issues they can be contacted on 01621 855111.

For other general queries you can contact the Essex Passenger Transport Team on 0345 603 2200.

School Transport

A shuttle service will also operate between Stebbing Warehouse Villas/New Pastures Lane and Stebbing Primary School to support parents and children only travelling to school. This service will be operated by Arrow Taxis.

The Stephensons school service 417 will divert via Dunmow to Bran End. The timetable can be downloaded from their website.

Further information

Our intention is to keep the community and local parish informed of details as information becomes available and the scheme progresses. The latest information will be reflected on this webpage as well as being shared with the parish and local councillors for them to share more widely.

Please note that dates and work programmes can be subject to change if affected by poor weather or if unexpected issues arise.

You may wish to follow the Essex Highways twitter feed: @essexhighways or find out about other works in the area by visiting one.network (formerly roadworks.org).