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Fentons Farm Bridge, Fentons Road, Rayne 

Works Location






Side on view of Fentons Farm Bridge


View of Fentons Farm Bridge from road

About the scheme

Fentons Farm Bridge is a single span brick arch structure carrying Fentons Road over the Flitch Way.  Temporary propping was installed in 2012 which allowed users to pass under the structure until 2016 when access under the bridge was restricted.  Due to the condition of the bridge an alternative access was built around the structure to allow continued use by Flitch Way users.   

Essex Highways have determined that the Fentons Farm Bridge needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.  During summer 2019 site investigations and surveys were carried out to inform the design process.  


Current status

The bridge design phase will continue during 2020.  

Options to divert the Flitch Way temporarily around the Fentons Farm Bridge construction site will be part of our future plans as we appreciate the importance of this route to users.  

All works will be subject to the necessary permissions and legal agreements being in place as the works involve the dismantling and reconstructing the existing structure.  

We would like to thank residents, businesses and users of the Flitch Way for their patience while we continue to progress this scheme.

Temporary fencing on the Flitch Way will be replaced with semi-permanent hoarding during January 2020 to further reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour on the Flitch Way at the bridge.  This will not affect the use of the Flitch Way or Fentons Road.  


Further information

We will continue to keep local residents, businesses, the parish council and identified interested parties informed of progress as the scheme develops.