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Highway maintenance

In this section you can find information about road maintenance, street lighting, winter travel, bridges as well as who is responsible for your road. 

You can also Report a Highway Problem to us online.

We are not responsible for the following roads:

You can see which roads we are responsible for on our Highways Information Map here, by clicking on the Assets layer, then Highway and Footway Network.

In this section you will find the following pages

Information on potholes and how we prioritise maintenance
Information on our road and pavement resurfacing programme
Information on the maintenance of our Public Rights of Way
Information on our drainage gullies and flooding information
Information on grass cutting and overgrown vegetation
Information on our winter service and salting routes and more...
Information on bus stop and bus shelters responsibility in Essex
Information on bridges, flyovers, viaducts, culverts and more...
Information on traffic signals, pedestrain crossings, and more...
Information on street lighting, part night lighting and our LED replacement programme
Information on whether your road is publicly or privately maintainable
Information on what records we hold and how to view them
Information about the Highways Devolution local council pilot
Information about past funding and spending.
Information about how to make a claim for damage against Essex County Council
Information about our strategies for managing the highway network
Information about our Section 58 Notices