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Funding and spending reports

The winter of 2012-3 presented specific challenges to Essex Highways, for which we received additional funding from central government.  To view a summary of these works, you can view our Winter Weather Funding Report 2013-14 below.

In addition to the sums allocated by ECC for 2014/15, we received additional funding in March 2014 from the DfT for severe weather damage.  You can view the details in our report entitled Spending plan for severe weather damage funding awarded by the DfT in March 2014 below.

Winter Recovery Maintenance Initiative

Extreme weather events in recent years has created a legacy of damage to our roads. The scale of damage is perhaps more readily understood when it is realised that there are approximately 5,000 miles of roads in Essex.

Essex County Council and the Department for Transport have been quick to respond with additional funding to contribute to restoring condition. The documents below outline the value for money restoration activities that are being carried out in 2014/15. There is also information about how road damage occurs, as well as an outline of our ‘preventative’ approach to maintenance.